Gordon Tang

For successful business people, investors and entrepreneurs, charitable donation is one of the best ways to establish a diverse portfolio. By throwing your support behind various causes, you demonstrate that you are an involved and caring executive. This is the realization that Gordon Tang has come to during recent years. His prominent roles at the helm of businesses in the U.S. and Asia have allowed him to support friends and institutions alike through charitable donations.

Some may wonder just how Gordon Tang got to where he is today. The Chinese native starts overseas, and flourishes into investments in U.S. business ventures.

He is the chairman of the American Pacific International Capital (APIC) , overseeing a period of record growth for the company that primarily runs hotels in the U.S. and China.

APIC would later grow into an investment holding company focusing on real estate management.  It gets healthy returns for investors as the company continues to expand its footprint in the US. Headquartered in San Francisco, APIC has provided the local communities with business and investment opportunities. The Globe mall has received considerable attention from the China Daily newspaper, with Fremont’s economic development director saying that the facility would be a regional attraction. While APIC’s successes have been a career highlight, Gordon Tang has turned his eye to investment holding companies with the establishment of Haiyi.

With such successes at work, it’s understandable then that Gordon Tang would want to focus on charitable donations to give back to communities that have provided him with so much. He has donated nearly one million dollars to various charitable organizations in the US, USD two million to the International Olympic Museum and RMB 300 million to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in China. According to economic experts, Americans gave in excess of $358 billion in charitable donations in recent years. According to Forbes, the majority of that figure was comprised of donations from private individuals. Gordon Tang is proud to be among the seventy two percent of folks who makes charitable donation one of their top priorities.