Gordon Tang’s Contribution to Sports

Through his generous donations to the International Olympic Museum and the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in China, as well as his funding of windsurfing and Judo teams in Singapore and Cambodia, Gordon Tang has made meaningful contributions to sports all over the world.

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, the International Olympic Museum displays more than 10,000 artifacts from past Olympic Games. The $2 million donation to the International Olympic Museum by Gordon Tang has helped promote the Olympics and the international unity and athletic competition the games provide. The president of International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach hosted Gordon Tang and his family last year for the unveiling of Tang’s donor stone on the International Olympic Museum’s donor wall.  At the ceremony, Mr. Bach praised Gordon Tang for his contribution and said, “Without the generosity of donors like Mr. Tang, the Olympic Museum could not be what it is today.”

The 300 million Chinese RMB Gordon Tang donated to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in China has helped train the next generation Chinese athletes.  The school is the first sports academy affiliated with the International Olympic Committee in China. Its goal is to teach young students the Olympic spirit as well as the principles and skills of world-class athletic competition.

In addition to cultivating young athletes, Gordon Tang also uses his time and money to help level the playing field of international athletics by supporting under-resourced sports teams.

Gordon Tang has turned his passion for sports into ways to give back. His love for windsurfing, sailing and Judo have led him to serve as the presidents of the Cambodian Sailing Federation and advisor of the Windsurfing Association of Singapore.  Through these efforts he hopes to bring positive changes to not only sports but local communities as well.

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