Gordon Tang’s Contribution to Sports

Through his generous donations to the International Olympic Museum and the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in China, as well as his funding of windsurfing and Judo teams in Singapore and Cambodia, Gordon Tang has made meaningful contributions to sports all over the world.

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, the International Olympic Museum displays more than 10,000 artifacts from past Olympic Games. The $2 million donation to the International Olympic Museum by Gordon Tang has helped promote the Olympics and the international unity and athletic competition the games provide. The president of International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach hosted Gordon Tang and his family last year for the unveiling of Tang’s donor stone on the International Olympic Museum’s donor wall.  At the ceremony, Mr. Bach praised Gordon Tang for his contribution and said, “Without the generosity of donors like Mr. Tang, the Olympic Museum could not be what it is today.”

The 300 million Chinese RMB Gordon Tang donated to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in China has helped train the next generation Chinese athletes.  The school is the first sports academy affiliated with the International Olympic Committee in China. Its goal is to teach young students the Olympic spirit as well as the principles and skills of world-class athletic competition.

In addition to cultivating young athletes, Gordon Tang also uses his time and money to help level the playing field of international athletics by supporting under-resourced sports teams.

Gordon Tang has turned his passion for sports into ways to give back. His love for windsurfing, sailing and Judo have led him to serve as the presidents of the Cambodian Sailing Federation and advisor of the Windsurfing Association of Singapore.  Through these efforts he hopes to bring positive changes to not only sports but local communities as well.

Gordon Tang Continues Charitable Ways with Two More Donations

With all of the success Gordon Tang has had in business, he makes sure he gives back to others by regularly donating to causes and missions that he supports.

In his most recent charitable efforts, Gordon Tang donated $50,000 to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and $100,000 to the San Francisco Chinese Hospital.

Seattle Children’s Hospital, which Gordon Tang also donated $10,000 to in 2014, is among the nation’s best children’s hospitals. In fact, Seattle’s Children is just one of six hospitals nationwide that has received a top-20 ranking across all 10 areas evaluated by U.S. News & World Report.

Gordon Tang fully supports Seattle Children’s mission of providing “hope, care, and cures, to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.”

As a proud Chinese native, Gordon Tang was happy to support the San Francisco Chinese Hospital, which is a non-profit community hospital that offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and specialty care to the multicultural community of San Francisco. In 2012, Gordon Tang also donated $20,000 to the Chinese Hospital of Rose Pak.

In the past, Gordon Tang has donated nearly one million dollars to various charitable organizations in the United States such as 826 Valencia and TNDC. He has also donated $30,000 to the Tenderloin Museum, a museum that celebrates San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.

As a physically active person himself, Gordon Tang has also made sizeable donations to beneficiaries that support organized athletics. He has donated $2 million USD to the International Olympic Museum and RMB 300 million to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in China. On top of that, Gordon Tang also sponsors the Cambodian sailing, surfing and gymnastics teams.

Gordon Tang also gives his time to causes and organizations he supports. Besides just making monetary donations, Gordon Tang also serves as an advisor to the Windsurfing Association of Singapore. Tang is an avid windsurfer himself and is happy to help this cause.

Gordon Tang did not get where he is today without understanding the importance of giving back. As he flourishes in business and his investments, Gordon Tang wants to make sure he is always helping others. He knows that without the help and support of other people throughout his life, his accomplishments would not have been possible. Therefore, Gordon Tang not only gives because it is good for business, he wants to also guide others down the path to success.

Here’s Why Gordon Tang Is Paying Attention To Shopping Malls Swapping Store Fronts

gordon tang

American malls have faced with existential challenges in recent years.  Mall operators focus their attention ever more acutely on foot traffic that translates to revenue. There was a time when these retail meccas once courted only the largest brand-name stores that offered the same products no matter where in the U.S. you were shopping. According to a Nov. 15, 2017 article from  The Wall Street Journal, that time is no more. These days, the landlords who run America’s best malls are instead turning their attention to “lesser-known retailers and startups that started online but have amassed customers and brand recognition.”

This shift is of interest to Gordon Tang, who is the chairman of American Pacific International Capital (APIC), a commercial real estate investment company that owns and operates two shopping malls. One of them is the Saigon Village in Fremont, California. This multi-purposed development turns its Southeast Asia inspiration into a facility that houses various small retailors. Gordon Tang believes that tenant diversification is a lesson that entrepreneurs can learn from The Wall Street Journal piece.  According to the article, the 1.3 million square feet that make up west Los Angeles’ Century City open-air mall is home to some stores that have no product for sale. Instead, they are showrooms that customers can order from and  have products delivered to their home. “Such stores take up less square footage since they don’t need to hold inventory at the back of the store,” the article explains. The risk for landlords that rent out space to up-and-coming operations is that there is little track record to go on.

Gordon Tang comments that there will always be risks associated with any business strategy.  However, as consumers’ shopping habits change, businesses must adapt accordingly.  Otherwise, they risk being left behind.

Gordon Tang, Huaidan Chen Show Interest In Hotel Demand Near World Series Games

Gordon Tang Huaidan Chen

While many of us typically root for the home team, post-season games held out-of-town often call for a pilgrimage and overnight stays in hotels. This has recently been the case in Houston and Los Angeles as 2017 World Series games continue to unfold in late October and early November. According to an Oct. 26, 2017 USA Today article, hotels within one mile of Minute Maid Park, in Houston, Texas — where game 3 of the World Series was played — typically cost anywhere between $899 to $499 per night. While that’s part of the game for some fans, it’s a major opportunity for hotel owners to capitalize on.

Regardless of whether the Houston Astros or Los Angeles Dodgers come out on top, the lodging aspect is of great interest to Gordon Tang. That’s because he’s chairman of American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which has five boutique hotels in San Francisco, California: Hotel Metropolis, Carriage Inn, the Good Hotel, Best Western PLUS Americana and Hotel Vertigo. In nearby Los Angeles, tourism groups were offering hotel packages should the final two games of the World Series play out there. Given Gordon Tang’s vested interest in the hotel industry and his involvement in windsurfing, the international businessman believes that sports are big business no matter where you are.

According to the USA Today article, prices for hotel rooms drop off sharply the farther away you move from the ballpark. For example, the newspaper found some rooms that could be had for about $150 per night in Houston. Over in Los Angeles, some hotels are offering food and beverage credits for hotel restaurants, discounted self-parking, team gear and even Uber credits on top of lower room rates to make their hotels more appealing to compete with the ones nearby. Huaidan Chen, who is on the APIC’s board of directors, says that promotional packages such as these are considerations that hotel owners will heed to ensure that their guest’s stay is as enjoyable as possible. The reason for this, besides being a responsive business, is that it creates repeat customers and increases brand recognition. Huaidan Chen says that even a welcome gift of Cracker Jacks snack food, as noted in the article, is a goodwill gesture that guests will likely remember the next time they need to find a hotel.

Gordon Tang, who is also the president of the Cambodia Sailing team, says that he’s paying close attention to the tourism market surrounding the baseball games.  To Gordon Tang, the performance of the hospitality industry around the World Series offers useful reference for those involved in the preparation of the 2023 Southeast Asian Games (SEA). According to previous reports, Cambodian government officials signed off on a $100 million, 60,000-seat stadium to be constructed ahead of the event. This kind of sports events brings people together and stimulate local economy, says Huaidan Chen.